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I am having trouble connecting to an Amazon Elastic Cloud Computer Instance via a browser. I attempted going to ******** , but the browser returns that the connection has timed out.

I can connect via ssh and winscp. That is how I uploaded a web app I developer. I have also created a security group and added rules to open ports 22 and 80.

Do I have to assign the security group to the instance somehow?

The security group's rules also do not have a source IP, well they do its

I would really appreciate any and all help in getting this site ' viewable ' via a browser.


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You can try the following steps to figure out what's going wrong:

1. Make sure your web server is up and running. SSH into your instance and use the following commands to check if the right process is listening on port 80:

netstat -lnp

2. Check and make sure that you have added the rule to allow port 80 in the security group of your instance.

3.  Make sure that you updated your instance before installing your the web server of your choice. If it's an Ubuntu instance, use the following command as soon as you SSH into your instance:

sudo apt-get update

For Amazon Linux instance:

sudo yum update

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