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I'm trying to figure out a way to search in a google CSV (list of names) if a name is present.

Is it possible in uipath?

According to my research, it may fall into the web recorder and use the module to read CSV?

Here is what I tried again:

  1. In the main screen, I created a sequence.
  2. Open a browser to a URL like this ""
  3. Added a "Navigate to" the above URL again.
  4. Then select "Data Scraping".
  5. Click on the first row of google sheet.
  6. Then to create a pattern I clicked on the next row. It couldn't find a pattern.

So I'm stuck on the final 6th position. I tried downloading and working on the CSV as an alternative. But I would rather want it on the google sheet in the browser.

Am I going in the right direction?

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I am mentioning below how I would approach this problem, follow the steps below and it should work for you

  •  download Google GSuite set of activities from Google GSuite. Place it under the Packages folder in your UiPath installation folder and load it via Manage Packages option in Design Mode.
  • Use GSuite Application Scope (you need to fill your ClientID and ClientSecret for your account)
  • Use activity Find Files and Folders to search for the file that you want by name. You will get the file ID as output
  • Use a Read Range activity placing the output that we received after performing the above to get the contents of the spreadsheet as DataTable
  • Use your pattern to search through DataTable for the desired result.

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