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Could someone tell me what is the eligibility for Machine Learning course?

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You can checkout the Machine Learning Eligibility list here:

  1. B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Candidates should have 12th class certificate from recognized board in Physics, Chemistry and Math. 

  2. M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Candidates should have        B. Tech CSE degree from recognized university. 

  3. M.Sc  in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Candidates should have passed graduation from recognized university. 

  4. PG Certificate/PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning: Candidates should have passed graduation in Engineering with equivalent marks or http://M.Sc./M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning from a recognized university.

Here are the ways of to start off with Machine Learning.

Follow the steps mentioned below to be an expert in Machine Learning:

  • You need to understand the Prerequisites: The first step about its learning should always be Multivariate Calculus, Linear Algebra, Python, and Statistics.

  • You have to spend time Learning about various Machine Learning Concepts: If you are done with these basics then move forward with machine learning and machine learning types.

  • Practice Machine Learning: You can start practicing ML by first working on data collection, cleaning, integration, and pre-processing. Next step is to learn about real datasets and get a good hand on interpreting the results obtained through different models of datasets.

  • You can always opt for free Machine Learning courses online: You can take into consideration pursuing an online course for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Try to participate in various Machine Learning events as much as you can.

If you want to become an expert in Machine Learning, checkout this Machine Learning Certification Course offered by Intellipaat. 

See this Machine Learning Course for better knowledge :

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