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I am having a data which is showing area chart as weekly,monthly 

Data Format

I want to show the measure as daily,weekly,monthly How can I do that?

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Use the following measure

Submitted Sum=

var Daily_Sum= CALCULATE(SUM(Table1[Submitted]),ALLEXCEPT(Table1, Table1[Position Type],Table1[Date]))

var Weekly_Sum=CALCULATE(SUM(Table1[Submitted]),FILTER(ALLSELECTED(Table1), YEAR(Table1[Date]) =YEAR(MAX(Table1[Date]))&&WEEKNUM(Table1[Date]) =WEEKNUM(MAX(Table1[Date]))))

Var Monthly_Sum= CALCULATE(SUM(Table1[Submitted]),FILTER(ALLSELECTED(Table1), YEAR(Table1[Date]) =YEAR(MAX(Table1[Date]))&&MONTH(Table1[Date]) =MONTH(MAX(Table1[Date]))))


IF(ISFILTERED('Slicer Table'[Selection]),
    SWITCH(SELECTEDVALUE('Slicer Table'[Selection]),
        "Daily", Daily_Sum,
        "Weekly", Weekly_Sum,
        "Monthly", Monthly_Sum

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