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Could someone tell me whether Azure Security and compliance?

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Azure is one of the most popular cloud service providers, generating huge profits around the world. Azure Security is all about the security features in place for securing the Azure cloud, from any kind of threats, malfunctions, etc. The tools deployed to secure Azure are:

Azure Security Center, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Monitor, Azure Insights, etc., and these are just for the Operations domain. Then imagine the level of level of tools, and methods deployed to curb malfunctions, threats, etc. And further, there are tools from Azure, in every domain, like Storage, Storage Analytics, Networking, etc. And apart from these measures, Microsoft Azure has over 90 compliance combined certifications around the world like USA, India, China, UK, etc. and across domains like Financial services, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, Telecommunications, Media, etc.

If you wish to learn Azure, enrolling in a good AZ-500 online training course would be a good idea. This course will offer you guided projects that will enhance your practical skills to the next level. If you wish to watch a video for a better understanding, check out the Azure Tutorial.

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