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Is there any code to download video from Youtube on Java and Android?

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For validating the email, <input type = “email”> is enough.

For mobile number use pattern attribute for attribute input as follows:

<input type="number" pattern="\d{3}[\-]\d{3}[\-]\d{4}" required>

For focusing on field, you can use onkeyup() event as:

function check()


    var mobile = document.getElementById('mobile');



    var message = document.getElementById('message');

   var goodColor = "#0C6";

    var badColor = "#FF9B37";



        = badColor; = badColor;

        message.innerHTML = "required 10 digits, match requested format!"


And your HTML code should be:

<input name="mobile"  id="mobile" type="number" required onkeyup="check(); return false;" ><span id="message"></span>

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