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I have installed Docker and minikube and kubectl. After that I\'m trying to open minikube dashboard to deploy an application using minikube GUI. 

1. First, I ran the command to start the minikube and kuberneter cluster. #minikube start --vm-driver=none 

2. Running the below command to open minikube dashboard then I'm getting error.  #minikube dashboard Opening in your default browser... failed to open browser: exec: \\\\\\\"xdg-open\\\\\\\": executable file not found in $PATH Note: I\'m running Ubuntu instance in AWS.

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An ubuntu instance in AWS cannot open a browser. If you want to execute minikube, you should use a GUI based VM box, or Linux. If not, you can use a windows system as well. One thing to try, try going to the public ip address of the instance along with whatever is there in the link after

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