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Could anyone guide me to the best resource for learning AWS?

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AWS being at the forefront of the Cloud domain has high demand lately for all the job profiles in the space. If you are searching for a good resource that can help you learn AWS in the right way, it's through a certification course. It could be offline or online based on your comfort. If you are comfortable with online learning, Intellipaat offers you AWS Course Online. You can take this course that is designed by industry experts. The instructors are highly efficient in mentoring professionals, you can work on several industry-grade projects, enjoy Lifetime Access, technical support, and upgrade so that you don’t have to spend another penny to keep yourself updated in the penny.

Working hard is a must but working smart is the best way. Keep that in mind before deciding on a course as free resources and books can only help you get initiated. Do check out the course and also watch the below-positioned video on one of our happy customers Meera, who got better opportunities by enrolling in the AWS Course, which is ranked #1 by India Today.  

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