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Could someone tell me what Cloud and DevOps are?

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Cloud and DevOps are two different domains that synergically transform today's software lifecycle. Companies are transforming their business models through these domains. First, the software development picked up its pace through the help of Continuous coding, developing, integrating, deploying, monitoring, etc. The updates or security patches that earlier used to take months to perform now could be performed daily. 

Cloud Computing is another domain that is helping make companies more nimble and resource-full. With increased Cloud Computing adoption rates, companies are using on-demand computing, storage, analytics, Machine Learning, AI, serverless computing, and many more with just a few clicks. They have to pay only for what they use. This payment model has helped companies pocket more profit, as they can scale resources with demand and reduce them when not needed. 

Today DevOps is integrating Cloud for a much faster and flexible work environment. Both domains are complimenting each other. If you are aspiring to upskill and learn Cloud and DevOps, Intellipaat offers Cloud and DevOps Master Course. Teaching you both domains to help you get better opportunities and challenges. Watch this YouTube video wherein one of our happy learners Ashok, is happy and content with our course and has helped him achieve his learning objective. 

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