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 have the following problem:

In Workfusion Studio I have created a new bot task and have defined 2 vars:

<var-def name="tJSON">



<var-def name="tLanguage">

        <http-extended url="" method="POST" charset="UTF-8" content-type="application/json">

            <http-header-extended name="Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key">83ffa3bd24bf4f75aa0814c3713bd0d4</http-header-extended>

            <http-param-extended name="to">en</http-param-extended>

             <var name="tJSON"/>



 have the following response:

{"error":{"code":400036,"message":"The To field is required."}}

What is wrong with the http-param-extended in my definition, please, advice!

1 Answer

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The API requires the 'to' parameter to be present in URL, rather than in the request body.
Can be done as follows:

<http-extended url=";to=en" .

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