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This is to create a bot that updates the existing CSV file with the latest available data from the new CSV file that is downloaded at regular intervals.

I am unable to figure out the logic. Need your help.

Step 1: I am accessing the following website,

Step 2: I am downloading the Tables from the above website and saving a .CSV file.

Step 3: I am comparing the OLD .CSV file with the NEW .CSV FILE and updating the values in the OLD .CSV.

Step 4: If there were changes made there is a status column and in the corresponding row I need to update "Value Updated" or "Latest Value Exists"

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  • Our aim is to save the list individually, so open the csv in different session and get the column in different lists.

  •  Compare both the lists.

  • use if condition that updates the value, if satisfies the condition.

  •  Use this link  for using a bot


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