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Following is my code :

case BrowserType.PhantomJS:

               var service = PhantomJSDriverService.CreateDefaultService(Path.Combine(_rootPath, @"Packages\"));

               var cookieFilePath=Path.Combine(_rootPath, @"Packages\cookie.txt");

                 if (!File.Exists(cookieFilePath))


                 var phantomjsoptions = new PhantomJSOptions();

                 driver = new PhantomJSDriver(service,phantomjsoptions);

                 var cookieJar = driver.Manage().Cookies;


                 cookieJar.AddCookie(new Cookie("x", "12345"));

                 return driver;

Basically, the issue is that I am not able to login into my test application because i get an error saying -

"Your browser is set to block cookies"

I've tried everything but I just can't seem to get the solution for this.
what should I do?
Please help me out here.
Let me know if there is some detail missing.

1 Answer

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You must wait until the page gets loaded and then set the cookie: 


//Wait page loaded

cookieJar.AddCookie(new Cookie("x", "2468"));

driver.Navigate().GoToUrl(SeleniumConfiguration.Current.BaseURL);//some url

Hope this helps!

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