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Could someone tell me how to move my career to the Cloud domain?

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If you are looking for a career transition to the Cloud domain, then I would suggest you follow these bullet points: 

  • Choose the cloud platform you find the best for your role. 

  • Prepare for your chosen cloud certification by mastering the concepts and meeting their requirements. 

  • Work on projects. These will help you demonstrate your expertise in deploying the concepts you learned. 

  • Build your contacts and network with professionals.

  • Be curious and develop a continuous learning approach.

  • Develop soft skills like good communication and interpersonal skills, etc. 

To develop your technical expertise in the cloud domain, I suggest you check out this Advanced Certification in Cloud and DevOps from E & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati. And to get started, watch this video of a customer who enrolled in this course and successfully upskilled. 

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