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How can I shift my career from mainframe testing to automation?

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Yes, since you already have a basic knowledge in testing, learning automation won't be difficult for you; all it takes is time and patience. But the point is you need an instructor so that you can understand the concepts in depth. 

We at Intellipaat provide the best Selenium Certification Training. You will become fully competent in the software testing framework for automation testing after completing this  best A4Q Selenium Tester certification training course. You will be trained in the concepts of Selenium IDE, the installation of JUnit, Sikuli, and the TestNG plugin in Eclipse in this one of the top Selenium courses.  The curriculum for this QA Selenium training is designed to help students pass the professional Selenium certification exam. 

Learn Selenium automation testing with our comprehensive Selenium Tutorial and ace your next job interview with our Selenium Interview Questions!

Check out how our learner Got Job of 65 LPA in Australia by Career Transition from Mainframe to Automation Testing 

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