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I am looking at using AWS auto-scaling to scale my infrastructure up and down based on various performance metrics (CPU, etc.). I understand how to set this up; however, I don't like those instances are terminated rather than stopped when it is scaled down. This means that when I scale back up, I have to start from scratch with a new instance and re-install my software, etc. I'd rather just start/stop my instances as needed rather than create/terminate. Is there a way to do this?

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You can not stop the termination, but you can suspend using the following steps:

  • Open EC2 console
  • On the navigation pane, under Auto Scaling, choose Auto Scaling Groups.
  • Select the Auto Scaling group which you want to edit.
  • On the Details tab, choose Edit.
  • For Suspended Processes, select the process to suspend. (e.g. will have "Terminate" as an option)
  • Then click Save

For further information, check out this documentation.

Is there a way to STOP not TERMINATE instances using auto-scaling in AWS?
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Thank you kodee, it really solved my issue. Since I did not want to delete the auto scaling, I followed your suggestion :)

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