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Is it possible to switch my career from an ETL developer to a big data engineer? 

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The process of loading business data into a data warehousing system, testing it for performance, and debugging it before it goes live is known as ETL, or extract, transform, and load. An ETL developer is an IT specialist who designs data storage systems for companies, they work on vast data and store it in the data storage system. Yes anyone can switch their career to data engineer.

Here are the required skills one must be aware of to become a data engineer-

  • Need computer knowledge

  • SQL is a must while working on datasets

  • Try to be perfect at programming languages like java, c++, python, etc.

  • Try for internships to get practical experience.

No need to worry if you don’t have the required skills go for instructor-led training where they help you with all the required skills. I will suggest you this big data masters program from Intellipaat. This program helps you to become a big data engineer. This program has placement assistance as well to help the learners with jobs.

Before that do check out how Intellipaat Sanjeev Singh in his career transition from ETL developer to Data engineer -

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