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How can I become a data engineer?

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Data engineering is one of the most in-demand jobs in the current market. Data Engineer is one of the top emerging careers on LinkedIn, according to Forbes. These data engineers are earning high salaries due to their complex job.

Here are the few steps to become a data engineer - 

  • Need computer knowledge

  • SQL is a must while working on datasets

  • Try to be perfect at programming languages like java, c++, python, etc.

  • Try for internships to get practical experience.

If you are interested in this learning technology but thinking about where to study all these concepts for that I will suggest this big data masters program from Intellipaat. This program along with training helps you with placement assistance as well by assisting in building strong resumes and giving 3 job guarantee interviews to attend in order to achieve your dream job.

Before that do check out this video on how Sanjeev Singh became a data engineer from ETL developer -


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