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Which is the best course to choose in M.Tech if someone is interested in AI?

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Artificial Intelligence a well known term in recent times. There are many institutions available in the market that are offering artificial intelligence course. But I don't know about their M.Tech in AI program for that I will suggest you Intellipaat which is offering MTech in AI and ML in collaboration with IIT Jammu.

Why one must have to go for this training ?

  • Firstly there is no criteria any  data science and AI aspirants can apply for this. 

  • There is no requirement for Gate score.

  • M.Tech Degree from IIT Jammu

  • Get a chance to learn under IIT faculty in this 2years program

  • Get job assistance program from IIT Jammu along with Intellipaat

  • Multiple case studies & Project works

  • Convocation at IIT Jammu Campus

Many beneficial  features available in this training. Do sign up for this program and become a certified professional. 

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