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To work as a data scientist, Is coding necessary?

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The answer for this question is “yes”, coding is not much required to become a data scientist. But still, you should know how to code. Because, competition in the data science field has greatly increased and companies look for candidates who can code. It becomes even easier for them to hire those who have this as an additional skill. 

Every position in data science requires some level of coding knowledge as well as technology skills. The reason why coding skills are important for a data scientist is because it allows you to work with your computer and perform calculations and analysis on big data sets.

Coding and programming is not that hard, if you get a proper guidance. So if you are interested in this field and want to become a data scientist, then it is recommended to check for Intellipaat’s MS in Data Science training that will train you from scratch.

For your further reference, why to choose this course, here is the success story of one of Intellipaat’s learner who learned from scratch and got a career transition to a data scientist role.

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