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What is the top azure administrator online course?

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You can check out various courses available online provided by different educational platforms. But choosing the best one among these many courses sometimes gets very difficult. So, here is an Azure Course by Intellipaat which will give you all the information regarding Azure Administrator along with a certificate that adds a great value to your resume. This course is having some benefits that will give you a wonderful learning experience. Some of the key features includes: 

  • 40 Hours Instructor Led Training that lets you to work and learn with Instructors.

  • 22 Hours Self-paced Videos giving you the flexibility to access the content at any place and at anytime.

  • 56 Hours Project & Exercises  that will help you to get a strong hold on the core concepts.

  • Job Assistance

  • Lifetime Free Upgrade, with this feature you can access the content anytime in you life ahead.

  • Mentor Support gives you the additional support to solve your doubts and problems.

You can check the success story of one of the learners from Intellipaat, Shashank who got a 52% salary hike in his job learning from this course.


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