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How to switch my career from Economics background to Data Analyst?

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It is good to hear that you are planning to switch your career to the Data Analyst field.

Here are the few steps one must follow -

1. First understand some terminologies about this subject

2. Next, build your programming skills in R, Python, SQL, Tableau, etc.

3. For better hands-on experience work on numerous real-time projects

4. Specialization certification for strong proof of your knowledge 

5. Apply for the Data Analyst position

If you are interested in this field and worrying about how to learn? where to learn? I will suggest you go for this Data Science Masters Course from Intellipaat which is providing top-notch training with many beneficial features like an LMS portal, specialization certification, real-time projects and assignments, a 24*7 available support team, free access to course materials, and many more.

If you are still having doubts have a look at this video on how Rodkuitch made a career transition from an Economics background to a Data Analyst -

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