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Is it possible to switch my career from non-IT background to Splunk?

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Yes you can switch your career. You might here no as learning big technologies like Splunk takes time. It is true that learning Splunk is easy but mastering the Splunk is difficult. Still no worries nothing is impossible if you are learning from a right place. It is better to learn under subject matter experts for better insights. For that I will recommend you go for Intellipaat Splunk Architect Master’s Program which is specially designed in collaboration with  industry experts to give you 360-degree training in Splunk. During this training you will be learning various concepts of Splunk like Splunk development and administration, along with Splunk Security Intelligence and Enterprise Management (SIEM). The knowledge gained from this training help you to clear the interviews easily and to become a certified professional with all the required skills. 

There are many learners who succeeded with the help of Intellipaat training. Among them this Martin who became a  proficient in Splunk coming from non-IT background  -


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