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Even though I lack technological training, Can I still learn cloud computing. If so, what would be a good course or certification?

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Yes, you can definitely become a cloud computing professional even if you belong from a non-technical background. The thing which matters is your interest and dedication towards that particular technology. You can easily go for some good courses or training programs from various educational platforms. However, the main task is to choose the best one among so many options. 

For your reference, Intellipaat provides various courses and training programs for specialization in a specific cloud service like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. It entirely depends upon your interest but it is advisable to choose wisely as cloud is a very vast field. It is a great career building option as well because organizations require cloud experts so as to manage and handle cloud related operations.

You can refer to Intellipaat’s cloud computing courses which has a variety of cloud computing training programs and you can choose among them which is the most appropriate to your suitability. All these courses come up with a lot of unique benefits that will help you to have a smooth learning experience.

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