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How do the role and responsibilities evolve in the transition from a business analyst to a senior business analyst, and what new aspects require preparation?

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Transitioning from a business analyst to a senior business analyst involves a shift from individual analysis to leadership and strategy. Senior BAs manage complex projects, lead teams, and shape organizational initiatives. They're responsible for driving high-level decision-making, ensuring alignment with business objectives, and mentoring junior analysts. Expectations include advanced problem-solving, effective communication with executives, and a focus on long-term organizational impact. Be prepared to navigate broader responsibilities, strategic planning, and contribute to the overall success of the business. If you are planning to enhance your career to senior business analyst role, then check out this Abhishek Dwivedi’s video. He got a promotion from a Business Analyst to a Senior Business Analyst with a good salary hike just after completing Intellipaat's Business Analytics Course.

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