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How can a Junior UI/UX designer navigate a successful transition to a more advanced UI/UX role?

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A junior UI/UX designer can transition successfully by focusing on holistic skill development. Deepen understanding of user needs, business goals, and design principles. Actively seek mentorship, feedback, and exposure to larger, more complex projects. Hone proficiency in industry-standard tools like Sketch or Figma. Enhance collaboration and communication skills with cross-functional teams. Stay updated on design trends and emerging technologies. Showcase a proactive attitude, take ownership of projects, and demonstrate a commitment to delivering impactful and user-centric design solutions If you are aspiring to get into this profile, then check out this Sameer’s video. He was successfully able to switch his career from junior  UI UX designer to UI UX designer with a 110% salary hike just after completing Intellipaat's UI UX Design Course.

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