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What tasks does a Selenium tester perform on a daily basis?

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A Selenium tester's daily activities involve designing, implementing, and executing automated test scripts using Selenium WebDriver. They analyze software requirements, identify test scenarios, and create test cases. Testers collaborate with development teams to understand changes and ensure comprehensive test coverage. Debugging and fixing script issues, reporting and tracking defects, and maintaining test documentation are routine tasks. Continuous integration with tools like Jenkins may be part of the daily workflow, ensuring the seamless integration of automated tests into the development process for efficient and reliable software testing. Considering a career in Selenium Testing? Enroll in Intellipaat's training programs, guided by industry experts. These courses encompass cutting-edge technologies, featuring easy-to-follow content and practical labs, facilitating a smooth transition into a Selenium Testing career. Start your learning journey by enrolling now. Watch the video below to hear success stories from individuals who have successfully shifted their careers to Selenium Testing with the support of Intellipaat.

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