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Once upon a time, there was a file in my project that I would now like to be able to get.

The problem is: I have no idea of when have I deleted it and on which path was it at.

How can I locate the commits of this file when it existed?

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You can use the following command if you do not know the exact path:

$ git log --all --full-history -- **/thefile.*

Use the following command If you know the path the file was at: 

$ git log --all --full-history -- <path-to-file>

This command should display a list of commits in all branches which touched that file. Now you can find the version of the file you want, and display it with...

$ git show <SHA> -- <path-to-file>

Or restore it into your working copy with:

$ git checkout <SHA>^ -- <path-to-file>

The caret symbol (^), which gets the checkout prior to the one identified, because at the moment of <SHA> commit the file is deleted, we need to look at the previous commit to get the deleted file's contents

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