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I am trying to merge 2 commits into 1, so I followed “squashing commits with rebase” from git ready.

I ran

git rebase --interactive HEAD~2

In the resulting editor, I change pick to squash and then save-quit, but the rebase fails with the error

Cannot 'squash' without a previous commit

Now that my work tree has reached this state, I’m having trouble recovering. The command git rebase --interactive HEAD~2 fails with

Interactive rebase already started

and git rebase --continue fails with

Cannot 'squash' without a previous commit

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I am assuming that you were in your own topic branch. Now, if you want to merge the last 2 commits into one, branch off the commit just before you made the last two commits.

$ git checkout -b temp_branch HEAD^2

Now perform squash commit the other branch in this new branch:

$ git merge branch_with_two_commits --squash

This should bring in the changes but will not commit them. So now just commit them and you're done.

$ git commit -m "Add your message"

You are good to merge this new topic branch back into your main branch

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