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I have this code:

string insertSql = 

    "INSERT INTO aspnet_GameProfiles(UserId,GameId) VALUES(@UserId, @GameId)";

using (SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(myConnectionString))



   SqlCommand myCommand = new SqlCommand(insertSql, myConnection);

   myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UserId", newUserId);

   myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@GameId", newGameId);




When I insert into this table, I have an auto_increment int primary key column called GamesProfileId, how can I get the last inserted one after this so I can use that id to insert into another table?

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In SQL Server 2005+:  If there is no insert trigger available, then try changing the insert statement (all in one line) to this

INSERT INTO aspnet_GameProfiles(UserId,GameId)


VALUES(@UserId, @GameId)

In SQL Server 2000, if there is an insert trigger like this:

INSERT INTO aspnet_GameProfiles(UserId,GameId) 

VALUES(@UserId, @GameId);


Then use this:

 Int32 newId = (Int32) myCommand.ExecuteScalar();

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