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I have a long string to test and sendKeys() takes too long. When I tried to set the value of the text the program crashes. I know the Selenium sendKeys() is the best way to test the actual user input, but for my application, it takes too much time. So I am trying to avoid it.

Is there a way to set the value right away?

See this quick example:

var webdriver = require('selenium-webdriver');

var driver = new webdriver.Builder().




// find the search input field on

inputField = driver.findElement('q'));

var longstring = "test"; // not really long for the sake of this quick example

// this works but is slow


// no error but no values set

inputField.value = longstring;

// Output: TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'setAttributes'

inputField.setAttributes("value", longstring);

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Using the executeScript method, set the element's value:

webdriver.executeScript("document.getElementById('elementID').setAttribute('value', 'new value for element')");

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