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I am trying to refresh the access token using the refresh token:

curl -d "grant_type=refresh_token&client_id=3MVG9pHRjzOBdkd.WU9DLyfznP.sjOJRXXX_00nLDYSpM_0K7zAOsLrRKf6IWmCv6MxeTorXL7Zzaaea8IXXX&client_secret=3231123171523457&refresh_token=5Aep861VUUSqKxtr91VaZ7Zh54RmFqHE6zD4htOq6vY9edPgkgm9ZeFPwHIzQQvR__XypcEvWnXXX==&format=json"

But I keep getting the error "error_description":"expired access/refresh token"

Does anyone have any idea?

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So the main reason behind this is that you can only have 5 access grants per application. After this, it starts erasing refresh tokens from the oldest one.

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