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Is there a file "view" available in Azure? When I log in to azure to look at a website I've deployed there is no obvious way I have spotted to see exactly what files Azure is hosting.

I'd love to be able to see exactly what files are there. I can see there's the Visual Studio Online option which allows you to live edit your server code but that is more than I need. I just want to be able to check that certain files are deployed and others are not.

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In order to see the various directories and files in your deployment, you can enter the site's "Kudu" dashboard.

Enter this URL format:


For more insights on this, you can click here.

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  • To view the deployed files and directories in Azure, you can enter the site's "Kudu" dashboard, using the URL format:


  • This will give you a web-based dashboard, including a web-based, debug console where you can explore the various directories.
  • Kudu is an open-source project. You can see its sources on GitHub, including some more wikis and you, get the opportunity to open issues regarding bugs or new features.


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