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Can someone give me some pointers on how I should implement the artificial intelligence (human vs. computer gameplay) for a Puyo Puyo game? Is this project even worth pursuing?

The point of the game is to form chains of 4 or more beans of the same color that trigger other chains. The longer your chain is, the more points you get. My description isn't that great so here's a simple video of a game in progress:


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The original Puyo Puyo, released in 1991, did not provide an AI opponent. To fill that gap, this paper provides a Java plug-in for the Nintaco NES / Famicom emulator. In 1 Player Endless Mode, the plug-in plays permanently. In 2 Player Mode, it serves as a digital enemy.  Or, it can be configured by launching two AI's to battle against each other.

When a piece spawns, the program examines every possible lock combination of the current piece and the next piece.

A valid lock position of one piece may be a position during which one or each of the Puyo within the trial is supported by the playfield floor or by another Puyo.

All of the potential lock positions of one piece are computed victimization breath-first search.

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