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I recently integrated Salesforce API via databasedotcom gem to my Rails 3.2 app.

Also, there's a background job for the synchronization of data.

Upon, logging in my Professional edition Salesforce account, the Rescue job failed and it displayed this error...








The REST API is not enabled for this Organization.

How will I be able to enable API even for Professional Editions?

I've tried to use Developer Edition and got no problem.

Are there specific editions that are allowed to use REST API in Salesforce?

How about the trial version of Professional Edition?

Thanks. And Have a great day!

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If you are on a Developer Edition of Salesforce, verify that you have API Enabled permission.

But, if you're using the Professional Edition you'll have to contact the Salesforce support to enable API.

For EE and UE it is automatically enabled.

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