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I often work with ggplot2 that makes gradients nice (click here for an example). I have a need to work in the base and I think scales can be used there to create color gradients as well but I'm severely off the mark on how. The basic goal is to generate a palette of n colors that range from x color to y color. The solution needs to work in the base though. This was a starting point but there's no place to input an n.

 scale_colour_gradientn(colours=c("red", "blue"))

I am well aware of:

brewer.pal(8, "Spectral") 

from RColorBrewer. I'm looking more for the approach similar to how ggplot2 handles gradients that says I have these two colors and I want 15 colors along the way. How can I do that?

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To generate a gradient of n colors ranging from color 1 to color 2, you can use the colorRampPalette function, as follows:

colfun <- colorRampPalette(c("red", "blue"))




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