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I have an e-commerce website and I need to display products on the homepage based on user interest like advertisement showing on facebook and google based on the search we did on the internet.

Is there any API from facebook or google or any website for fetching user interests?

I have wondered how to facebook, google, and collaboratively tracking us even if they are different companies.

Is there any common gateway or common interface where these big companies share user info by making a system with cookies to track among all as a centralized big data model for behavioral advertising?

I am looking for answers from experts for this. I really need to build a system for tracking user interest based on their search on google and other websites.

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Events are user interactions that are traced independently from a web-page load or screen load. You can utilize events to track interactions within application screens or web pages. Events are commonly used in mobile apps to understand how users share content with other users, how they use the app’s search function, and when they select specific pieces of content. Events are commonly used on websites to track file downloads, content shares, and gadget interactions. Events are extremely flexible and let you collect the data you need to better understand user behavior.

So you need to use something called recommender systems, using a machine learning algorithm, you'll recommend products to people either based on ratings and interest. by utilizing the previous data of the same user or other users (just like when you get recommended items on any shopping site/application).

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