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I have 2 Lambda functions - one that produces a quote and one that turns a quote into an order. I'd like the Order lambda function to call the Quote function to regenerate the quote, rather than just receive it from an untrusted client.

I've looked everywhere I can think of - but can't see how I'd go about chaining or calling the functions...surely this exists!

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You can do this using the aws-sdk:

var aws = require('aws-sdk');

var lambda = new aws.Lambda({

  region: 'us-west-2' //change to your region



  FunctionName: 'name_of_your_lambda_function',

  Payload: JSON.stringify(event, null, 2) // pass params

}, function(error, data) {

  if (error) {

    context.done('error', error);






For more information, check this out: 

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