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I've been learning about Event Hubs and just want to get confirmation or correction on my perspective on Event Hubs? I’m used to leveraging retries, poison messages, at least once delivery and so on for normal enterprise messaging solutions, which Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics give me. It seems that Event Hubs is intended to provide a different tool for a very high scale where you have to give up a little of the more “enterprise” features for a much higher scale.

Am I thinking about this correctly? Are there additional specifics I need to consider as well? I realize there could be some functional overlap with Event Hubs and Topics, but I'm just looking to get some clarity on how to think of using Event Hubs.

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Azure Service Bus Topic costs at approximately $0.20 per Million messages. If you host it yourself you will be needing a lot of RabbitMQ servers or even multiple clusters for your partitioning.

Azure Event Hub costs $0.028 per Million with an amount per throughput unit.

Basically you can use the partitioned stream|log / offset tracking systems when you don't need all those useful features of a full messaging system. You can also use it when you don't need them enough to pay the ~10X premium.

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