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I have my project on GitHub at some location, [email protected]:myname/oldrep.git.

Now I want to push all my code to a new repository at some other location, [email protected]:newname/newrep.git.

I used the command:

git remote add origin [email protected]:myname/oldrep.git

but I am receiving this:

fatal: remote origin already exists.


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You are getting this error because "origin" is not available. "origin" is a name not a part of the command. 

"origin" is the local name of the remote repository.

For example, you could also write:

git remote add myorigin [email protected]:myname/oldrep.git  

git remote add testtest [email protected]:myname/oldrep.git

To remove a remote repository you enter:

git remote rm origin

Again "origin" is the name of the remote repository if you want to remove the "upstream" remote:

git remote rm upstream

For more git commands like this please go through the following link:

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Since origin already exists remove it.

git remote rm origin

git remote add origin


By using the command git remote set-url, one can change existing remote repository URL:

If you're updating to use HTTPS

git remote set-url origin

If you're updating to use SSH

git remote set-url origin [email protected]:USERNAME/REPOSITORY.git

If trying to update a remote that doesn't exist you will receive an error. So be careful of that.


To rename an existing remote, use the git remote rename command. An existing remote name, for example, is the origin.

git remote rename origin startpoint

# Change remote name from 'origin' to 'startpoint'

To verify remote's new name:

git remote -v

Fatal: Remote origin already exists on git push to a new repository
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thanks, for the detailed explanation, and for quick understanding, I would prefer @yeshwanth.intelli answer.

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