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In C# 2010/2012 .net web form applications, I know that SSRS reports can be accessed in the application using a report viewer control. However, now my company is going to be using tableau. Thus I am wondering if tableau can be accessed by a .net application? If so, can you tell me how to access the tableau reports? Can you tell me how to accomplish this goal and/or point me to a url that will explain how to accomplish this goal?

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  • Lets assume that your company publishes its visualizations to either your own Tableau Server or to Tableau OnLine Server(SAaS)  and then the visualizations will be available via a URL.

  • Look at the Tableau Server Admin manual section on embedded views to start to learn about your alternatives. It would allow you to embed a view on any web page, and interact via the JavaScript API if desired. If HTML content via some component can be displayed through .Net forms application, then you should be able to display Tableau as with any other HTML content.

  • If you use HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript apps for end-user interaction and save, you might run into fewer edge cases, in the long run. .Net for crunching data. Clients of .NET devote part of their UI to HTML content.

  • There are some other alternatives too - such as having your .Net client request reports from Tableau Server in static formats like png, pdf or CSV using HTTP directly and then your client can display them as desired. It might not be the best approach because you lose the interactivity that Tableau provides, but can be helpful in some circumstances.