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I am looking for a sample .Net application that continuously checks Amazon SQS for new messages and when one is found, perform an action and remove it from the queue.

My goal is to have an app running on EC2 that watches my SQS queue for new messages. When one is found, a call will be made to one of several web-based APIs and the message will be deleted from the queue.

Can someone point me to an example of something similar?

Would this type of application best be created as a windows service?

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There is complete documentation provided by AWS which demonstrates these topics:

  • Create an Amazon SQS Client
  • Create an Amazon SQS Queue
  • Amazon SQS Queue URLs
  • Send an Amazon SQS Message
  • Receive a Message from an Amazon SQS Queue
  • Delete a Message from an Amazon SQS Queue

Check out this link - 

You can write code in Visual Studio using AWS SDK for .NET.   

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