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As the title states, basically, my question is about the blockchain verification. I know whats a block chain and basically understood how mining is working, except once a simple thing.

Let's say we have 2 guys, Bob and Adam.


    |1|-|2|-|3|-{4}   - Bob Chain

    |1|-|2|-|3|-{4}   - Adam Chain

Assume both Bob and Adam found a new block, but it will not be verified until someone finds the next block. So my questions is whats is happening in a situation if Adam will find a block |5| first. Will Bob get his reward for finding a block? Or it means if Adam found one block, he has to find the next one which is extremely difficult without a huge network of computational resources in order to verify his previous block |4| and get a reward for block 4 of 12.5 bitcoins, because the nodes will only accept the longest blockchain? I hope I clearly illustrated the picture. I've tried to find the answer in different videos and materials but somehow this aspect was put aside. If my assumption is true, it means there is no way how can a single person to earn anything from mining without a huge network?

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The miners of the Blockchain will create some blocks and a branch will be longer after some time.
In Blockchain, a block is considered well when it has 100 blocks (I don't know exactly how many) above of it. So, the reward is taken after 100 blocks, not before.

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