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i am going through with blockchain technology and what i found is that it saves files on multiple different server. Now as per Hadoop documentation it is also stores files on multiple servers and keep 1 master copy on 1 master node. It also has zoo keeper which maintains the data between master node and all the secondary nodes.

Now my question is there any zookeeper for blockchain as well which is maintaining master copy or i am on the wrong way of understanding?

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The basic difference between Blockchain and Hadoop can be implied from the file distribution systems that they pertain to. While Blockchain networks are based on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), Hadoop is based on HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). To shed more light on how both of these evolving technologies are different, let us dive into their respective working principles.  

In IPFS, every full node in the blockchain network is adhered to storing the full copy of the entire ledger. Every block contains information about all transactions that ever happened within the blockchain network. There is no centralized authority and therefore operations and validations are done on the basis of consensus. 

But in HDFS, things are entirely different. The master node distributes data to slave nodes. Replication is accomplished across nodes, and data replication is not uniform. Therefore there is a bright chance that disk may fail. This may lead to irreversible data loss. Unlike IPFS systems, HDFS requires a backup strategy.

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