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How is it possible to switch to another worksheet while the results of computations of the current worksheet are being fetched?

Currently, we have to wait for the current computation to complete before moving to another sheet. Ideally, I would like to know how can I push the current worksheet job in the background and resume working on another worksheet in Tableau?

Note: Extracts not an option nor multiple instances as the source data has millions of records.

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  • Tableau does not offer this functionality right now, but here are a few things that might speed up development:

  • Extract your data, rather than using a live connection, If possible. Actually, this is not an option always, but it can remove a lot of overhead, particularly during development.

  • Optimize your extracts. Not having to recompute all of your calculated fields every time you make a query can make for some pretty notable speed boosts.

  • By far the best way to minimize your load times is to subset your data while you're building the worksheets. It might not be necessary to load every row of your dataset during development. In more cases than not, a subset will be enough to confirm that your worksheets and calculations are working as you need them to. You could try filtering to just a month's worth of data, for example, or maybe just a handful of individuals/stores/dog breeds/Skrillex songs.

  • pause auto-updates is a great one, but if you're building more complicated views or more intricate calculations, not having real-time feedback on your work can make development a lot more challenging. However, if subsetting your data isn't an option, this might be your best route. One way to speed this process up a bit would be to toss all of the sheets you want to load onto a dashboard and resume auto-updates from there. Note that this dashboard would not be a formatted production dashboard — it's simply serving as a drop point for the sheets you'd like to load all at once.

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