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I have null and non-null values in my dataset. I would like to create a drop-down which will consist of -Display All, Null or Non-Null values. This should filter the dataset so that all worksheets in the dashboard are filtered out based on it. How shall I proceed?

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  • A parameter will help you accomplish this.

Create... > Parameter > String > List > ["All", "Non-Null", "Null"]

  • From there, create a calculated field that references the parameter.

If [Parameter] = "Non-Null" Then 

    (If IsNull([Nullable Field]) = False Then 'Show' Else 'Hide' End)

ElseIf [Parameter] = "Null" Then 

    (If IsNull([Nullable Field]) = True Then 'Show' Else 'Hide' End)

Else 'Show'


  • Finally, place the newly created calculated field on filter and select only 'Show.' To filter all worksheets, right-click on the filter and select Apply to worksheets > All using related datasourceor specific sheets of your choosing.

  • You can even just apply the filter to all the relevant sheets by right-clicking the filter pill and selecting the Apply to Worksheets option

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