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I have a tableau workbook that was given to me. I open it and I see everything there.

I want to export the data to CSV including the measures which are a bunch of sums. Right now the measures are in the right 4 'columns' but not in the column shelve.

How do I get it out into CSV format clean so that I can push it through R. This is driving me nuts...


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  • In order to keep things clean, and save processing power, what you could do in cases like this is drag all the dimensions and measures to Detail, instead of rows or columns.

  • You can choose the Bar chart manually first. So, Tableau won't waste time processing a visualization for the data. But the data will still be there, you can right-click on the "phantom" chart, and select View Data. Everything would be there. Through the Export button, that will export to a CSV.

  • You can use tabcmd to export this data to a CSV, If you have Tableau Server

tabcmd export "worksheet-name" --csv

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