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I can pretty easily dump data into a text file such as:

sqlcmd -S myServer -d myDB -E -Q "select col1, col2, col3 from SomeTable" 
     -o "MyData.txt"

Though I have looked at the help files for SQLCMD, I have not seen an option, especially for CSV.

Is there a way to dump the data from a table into a CSV text file using SQLCMD?

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You can execute something like below:

sqlcmd -S MyServer -d myDB -E -Q "select col1, col2, col3 from SomeTable" 
       -o "MyData.csv" -h-1 -s"," -w 700
  • -h-1 removes the column name headers from the result
  • -s"," set the column separator to,
  • -w 700 sets the row width to 700 chars (this will have to be as wide as the longest row or it would wrap to the next line)

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