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I'm new into Git and I'm working with Wordpress themes. I was always using FTP client to push every small change into my remote server... I mean sometimes it was just one line of code to check the change of CSS. It was easy and nice but there will be always problem with reverting changes and since I'm learning Git, I want to change it.

I've found two ways to do it:

  • git-ftp

  • i've tried to connect my local respository with GitHub and my intention was to automatic pull changes into my remote server from GitHub (it's not working yet, i need to configure it better)

BUT, do I have to commit every single small change? Because I cant just save file and check changes with Browsersync on second monitor, I will have to commit so many times. Also which way will be better for me - maybe there are another, better ways?

I really want to improve my performance, but it looks like that's not easy or I'm doing something wrong? I know about existence things like WP-CLI, webpack, gulp but often I'm creating small websites and probably I will spend more time on configurating those things than create theme. Also I thought about working on localhost, but I really think that I'm complicating things and my job.

Really sorry if it's wrong section, but I'm new on stackoverflow - hey! I will be really thankful if you can help me, because I think that i need knowledge of someone experienced.

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Here you can install a local environment for testing as it avoids riks on your remote server.

And if you have SSH access to the server then you can configure it to push it directly from the local environment to your remote server.

For a more detailed explanation, you can read here

For more information on Git, you can join git training

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