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There is no explanation in python documentation whether parameters are passed by value or reference and why the code used below produced an unchanged value 'Lol'

        class PassByReference:

            def __init__(self):

                self.variable = 'Lol'



    def change(self, var):

                var = 'Changed'

Is there anything else to pass the variable by actual reference?

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You can read about definition and all other that theory in Python help, Just look at these example to make the points clear:

Using String (immutable):


def try_to_change_string_reference(the_string):
    print('ST', the_string)
    the_string = 'Devils in City'
    print('Will', the_string)

outer_string = 'It happened for two days'

print('before, outer_string =', outer_string)
print('after, outer_string =', outer_string)


 before, outer_string = It happened for two days

ST It Happened for two days
Devils in the city
after, outer_string = It happened for two days

To know more about this you can have a look at the following video tutorial:-

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