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Hi. I have written a python pandas script

old_df = pd.read_csv('User data.csv')

up_df = {'Name': names, 'New Points': point_list}

for name in up_df['Name']:

    for old_name in old_df['Name']:

        if name==old_name:




  [i[0],'New Points']=up_df[j[0],'New Points']

But I am getting this error at the bold line in the script above

KeyError: False

Please help

1 Answer

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The reason for this error is that you have created a dictionary

up_df = {'Name': names, 'New Points': point_list}

but you are treating it as a pandas dataframe


You have to create a pandas dataframe first. 

For example:

up_df1 = {'Name': names, 'New Points': point_list}


For more details on Python Pandas, study the Python Course. Also, study the Machine Learning Certification Course by Intellipaat for more details on this. Hope this answer helps you!

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